Our company's name, the recursive acronym CAMELEON stands for

CAMouflage concepts and systems in the ELEctro-Optical/IR spectrum for Navy ships

  A recursive acronym is an abbreviation which refers to the explanation of her meaning recursive to itself - here the camouflage, like the ability of a chameleon to change the colour fastest with danger or menace (mimicry).

  On the contrary to mimesis, which stands for the ability that the chameleon tries to camouflage itself by the mimicry of objects from his surrounding area (e.g. branches and sheets) - here the deception.

  We see our core competence in the conceptual design and the technical realisation of passive- and adaptive camouflage measures for ship's sides and superstructures (e.g. radome, SMART-L, S1850M - Thales/BAE) of naval vessels for the NATO naval forces, which are characterized by a high degree of camouflage effectiveness in the electro-optical/IR spectrum (NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR).


  The European company CAMELEON Factory (CF) performs defence research to satisfy strongly the NATO Naval Forces (NNF) strategic needs - as well as companies and institutions at home and abroad - for techno-military support, products and services and to establish applicable multispectral camouflage-, concealment- and deception (CCD) concepts and systems to further the interest of the NNF.

  In order to achieve this, CF supports the NNF with scientifically informed advice, the conceptual design as well as technical realisation of innovative multispectral efficient CCD technology and strategic products to increase their availability for use and capability.